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Norwood Medical announces groundbreaking for 11th manufacturing building at its Dayton headquarters

Dayton Mayor Jeff Mims hails company’s latest expansion creating new med-tech jobs

DAYTON, Ohio, March 14, 2023- Norwood Medical, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced, outsourced medical manufacturing services, held a groundbreaking ceremony today to announce the construction of its eleventh building at its Dayton headquarters. Joining Norwood Medical executives and employees at the event were Dayton Mayor Jeff Mims and Shelly Dickstein, Dayton City Manager.

The construction of the 72,000 square-foot building will be a significant addition to Norwood’s current 650,000 square-foot footprint in Dayton. The undeveloped parcel of land will enable the company to design a state-of-the art manufacturing facility, which will focus on producing components for minimally-invasive and robotic-assisted surgeries.

The new building, when commissioned and operational in 2024, will enable Norwood to increase its capabilities in laser-induced processes, automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The expansion will support Norwood’s strategic goal of producing 35 million parts per year. The company expects to hire an additional 100 employees to support this latest expansion. Norwood currently employees 1,230 employees at its Dayton campus, with includes manufacturing, research and development, customer support, logistics, finance, sales and administrative personnel.

Commenting on the groundbreaking, Dr. Frank Stietz, President of Norwood Medical, said, “This latest expansion allows us to do even more to fulfill our mission to help deliver medical technology breakthroughs that improve patient care and treatment outcomes. Second, our growth and expansion means more jobs for Dayton. We intend to make Norwood a world leader in medical technology innovation here in Dayton, and this groundbreaking is an important step in that effort.”

Dayton Mayor Jeffrey Mims added, “Norwood Medical continues to be a thriving and longstanding anchor in our city. Norwood’s constant growth and expansion in northeast Dayton is both exciting and welcomed. Their expansion represents their commitment to investing in Dayton and the growing need for reliable medical device suppliers throughout the medical industry. I’m thankful for their partnership and look forward to supporting their growth in our community.”

Norwood Medical’s success throughout the 2000’s has required the company to invest in eight separate construction projects at its Dayton campus to support its significant organic growth:

  • Building 3, the first addition to the campus, was constructed in 2005
  • Building 4 was constructed in 2008
  • Building 5 and Building 6 were added in 2011
  • Building 7 added in 2012
  • Building 8 added in 2016
  • Building 9 added in 2018
  • Building 10, the latest addition, was completed in November of 2021


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