Norwood Medical is committed to operating in a sustainable and responsible manner with continued pursuit of the highest environmental, economic, and social standards.
Sustainability Policy

Protection of the environment and sustainability of its resources are valued across the organization and are a key consideration as we organically grow and vertically integrate. Norwood emphasizes concern for the environment as a key contribution to our community and feels that adding value for people and the planet are essential when fueling growth. We strive to make continuous improvements to minimize our environmental footprint and strengthen our resources for the future well-being of our planet.

We share our customers’ values and support their efforts and expectations of sustainable manufacturing because we are an extension of their businesses. We also drive these values through our supply chain and their operations.

We will continue to identify and complete projects in the key areas for sustainability, energy, waste, and workforce wellness.



Norwood Medical will strive to conserve natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We assess our performance with regard to energy usage and carbon reduction through participation in the Carbon Disclosure Project. We will focus on achieving these objectives through implementation of various energy management projects that minimize the economic burden on the Company.

Our short term objectives are:

  • Establish a baseline for setting long-term reduction goals and evaluating future efforts and overall performance.
  • Assess our organizational activities and identify areas where we can minimize impacts.
  • Support national energy efficiency policies.

Our long term objectives are:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2% by 2020 in intensity terms using 2012 as base year.
  • Reduce expenditure on energy by investing in cost-effective plant and equipment upgrades.


Norwood Medical supports reducing waste generation and increasing recycling of materials in our operations and business activities. We will dispose of waste conscientiously and by making "reduce/reuse/recycle" the standard operating procedure. These initiatives will help conserve natural resources and reduce environmental pollution. The activities we will pursue are:

  • Recycle materials from our manufacturing processes.
  • Reclaim the cutting oils from the manufacturing process for reuse.

Workforce wellness

Norwood Medical promotes employee health and well-being by encouraging them to know their health risks and by providing access to preventative programs. We believe in partnering with employees to make lifestyle changes and improve their overall health. The activities we will pursue are:

  • Provide health assessment seminars to assess employees’ overall health
  • Provide free annual flu shots for all associates

2019 Sustainability Report

Health Screenings

The annual on-site health screenings are available to all employees at no cost. Participation is voluntary. The screenings include blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, and body mass index. Employees receive their individual results immediately. This event helps employees to identify potential health problems. Norwood Medical receives the aggregate results and uses the data to plan wellness initiatives. Twenty-two percent of Norwood Medical’s employees participated in the 2019 event.

Flu Vaccines

Norwood Medical partners with a local medical facility every year to provide flu vaccinations to employees. The flu vaccine clinic is held at Norwood Medical. Participation is voluntary, and the vaccines are of no cost to employees. During the 2019 flu shot clinic, 31% of employees received flu vaccinations.

Blood Donation Drives

Norwood Medical hosts two blood donation drives with the Dayton Community Blood Center each year. The Community Blood Center has ranked Norwood Medical as a “Silver Partner” for seven consecutive years because of the frequency of donation drives and the employee participation rate. Well over 80 blood donors participated in each blood drive!

Medical Device Manufacturer

Medical Device Manufacturer

Norwood Medical focuses exclusively on medical device manufacturing. We have over 40 years experience helping customers deliver innovative products to market with speed and lean manufacturing practices.

  • Vertically integrated to solve problems quickly
  • Focused quality processes assure excellence

In an industry that demands the highest precision to ensure the safety and wellness of medical patients, Norwood Medical understands and accepts its critical role in this supply chain.

Advancing Orthopaedic Care

Advancing Orthopaedic Care

We help companies advance the practice of orthopaedic care by manufacturing components, implants and instruments at the highest standards.
We manufacture medical devices for the following procedures:

  • Arthroscopic
  • Spinal
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Joint Reconstruction

To learn more about how our advancements in Orthopaedic Care, contact us today.