Assembly & Packaging

Norwood Medical Assembly & Packaging

As a full-service contract manufacturer for medical device companies, Norwood Medical is equipped with the facilities and resources to provide final assembly and packaging at the industry’s highest standards. Our certifications in cleanroom operations and controlled manufacturing environments enable our customers to rely on us throughout the entire production life cycle.

Controlled manufacturing environment
Norwood Medical’s facilities are equipped with several Class 8 (100,000) controlled manufacturing environments for final assembly and packaging. Our staff is experienced in both manual and mechanical assembly processes, and our holistic approach to quality assures each component is produced at our customers’ exacting requirements.

Cleanroom operations
Norwood Medical is equipped with ISO Class 7 (10,000) cleanrooms to perform assembly and packaging without exposure to environmental contaminations. Maintaining the highest medical device standards for our customers is our greatest commitment, and Norwood Medical’s cleanroom service is one of the many ways we accomplish this goal.

At Norwood Medical, all of our manufacturing, production, assembly and packaging processes are centered on the goal of delivering the highest quality medical devices for our customers. We’re motivated by the knowledge that every device we produce will ultimately contribute to the well-being of the recipient of a medical procedure.

Minimally Invasive Surgical

Minimally Invasive Surgical

Norwood Medical partners with the industry’s leading medical device suppliers to aid in the progress of minimally invasive surgery. From wound closure to general surgery, we help our customers create devices that are secure and effective for a variety of procedural needs:

  • Surgical Cutting and Stapling Components
  • Clip Applier Components
  • Harmonic Device Components
  • Linear Cutter Components
  • Cannula Components
Advancing Orthopaedic Care

Advancing Orthopaedic Care

We help companies advance the practice of orthopaedic care by manufacturing components, implants and instruments at the highest standards.
We manufacture medical devices for the following procedures:

  • Arthroscopic
  • Spinal
  • Trauma Surgery
  • Joint Reconstruction

To learn more about how our advancements in Orthopaedic Care, contact us today.