Precision Metal Stamping, Forming, Coining

Norwood Medical Precision Metal Stamping

The process of precision metal stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal manufacturing capabilities, including forming and coining. As experienced professionals in metal stamping, Norwood Medical uses these techniques to create precise medical devices which meet our customers’ specific requirements.

With forming techniques, Norwood Medical’s operators manufacture medical components by altering the form of the metal with heat and mechanical pressure. Coining is another form of precision stamping used to manufacture high-precision parts with small or polished surface features.

Norwood Medical facilities are equipped with a number of presses to support a wide range of medical device needs for our customers. Because Norwood is a vertically integrated supplier, we also engineer and fabricate the dies used in the stamping processes.

Stamping, forming, coining and die fabrication are just a few ways we help our customers with manufacturing support. Of course, our Quality and Engineering groups work together to help design and implement solutions that are most cost-effective and functionally sound. If you are looking for a full-service contract manufacturer for your medical devices, Norwood Medical is that supplier.

Dedication to Quality

Dedication to Quality

Norwood assures customer satisfaction and product safety through a robust and proven Quality System. We recognize that there is no place for implants, instruments or procedures that don’t meet the very highest quality standards

  • 21 CFR 820 FDA Quality System Regulation (QSR) compliant and ISO 13485:2016 certified
  • Deploying ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Staff
  • Utilizing ISO 14971:2012 risk management system for medical devices
Minimally Invasive Surgical

Minimally Invasive Surgical

Norwood Medical partners with the industry’s leading medical device suppliers to aid in the progress of minimally invasive surgery. From wound closure to general surgery, we help our customers create devices that are secure and effective for a variety of procedural needs:

  • Surgical Cutting and Stapling Components
  • Clip Applier Components
  • Harmonic Device Components
  • Linear Cutter Components
  • Cannula Components